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Science & Education

I approach writing assignments as an adventure in problem-solving. This is probably due to my life-long fascination with the sciences, as well as my academic background in math and physics.

Here are some descriptions of my writing work in the areas of science and education.


Video    Television    Print & Interactive    Live Performance



The Institute, a video script presenting a new research resource for the medical technology industry. Produced for Children's Hospital of St. Paul.

KidsNews, a video-driven news and current events program designed for elementary grade levels. Viewed by 1.7 million students in 3,000 schools across the country. Produced by KidsNews, Minneapolis.

Methylamines, a video script outlining safe handling procedures for this toxic chemical. Produced by Media Consultants for International Minerals & Chemical Corporation, St. Paul.

The Car, a video script demonstrating how high school students can make responsible buying decisions. Produced by the Business Economics Education Foundation for the Minnesota Attorney General's Office.

Network Problem Determination Application, a video script demonstrating new software for tracking computer hardware malfunctions. Produced for IBM Field Engineering Services, Rochester, MN.



Dragonfly TV

Dragonfly TV, a nationally-distributed television show focusing on students using the scientific method. Produced at Twin Cities Public Television.

VOLCANOS: Ring of Fire (Hawaii segment), of a documentary for The Discovery Channel.

Why Does Popcorn Pop?, Body Fat, What Makes Bones so Strong?, and Nicotine, four major segments for Newton's Apple, a nationally recognized science television show for families. Produced at KTCA-TV, St. Paul.

Carpe Diem in Paris, a half-hour television special featuring tourism and high fashion in Paris. Produced for Knowledge TV through Edelman Productions, Minneapolis.


Print & Interactive

The Health Heart Tour

The Health Heart Tour, a museum-style, interactive exhibit on the dangers of heart disease touring to malls round the country. Produced by Clear Channel Exhibits for Pfizer Inc.

Xan and the Cosmic Call Box (co-writer), a CD-Rom game to help children understand the impact of geography and climate on a society's culture. Produced by Digital Café, St. Paul.

Genome: The Secret of How Life Works (A Guide for Non-Scientists), a print booklet designed for use with the Smithsonian exhibit on the human genome. Produced by Pfizer Inc.


Live Performance

Thunder in the Sky, a touring children's theatre script about the world of physics written for the National Theatre for Children, Minneapolis.

The Great Bicycle Time Tour, an award-winning theatre script about the production and uses of natural gas. Produced by Small Change Theatre for Minnegasco, Minneapolis.

Economically Speaking, a touring theatre script for high school audiences. Reenacts important historical events to demonstrate the need for economic awareness. Commissioned by the Business Economics Education Foundation, Minneapolis.

Once a Dreamer, a one-person script about the life of an astronaut. Presents scientific, technical, and personal information in a dramatic format. Produced by the Science Museum of Minnesota.

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